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Watch the video and discover how to resolve the 4 common problems that leaders face.

Whether you believe that leaders are born or made, we can help to bring out the leader within.

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Learn how some customers transformed their lives with our leadership coaching programs.

I would highly recommend Lynda Ince-Greenaway’s services as she has a vast amount of experience to be able to teach, guide and coach people to become the best version of themselves.

Nabeel IjazSupervising Social Worker

With her coaching Lynda influences and understands what motivates employees and can persuade those she works with of the benefits of a course of action, using networks and other leadership support systems.

Paul Owen Registered Manager

Working in a wide range of settings, Dr Ince-Greenaway has a passion to inspire entrepreneurs, team leaders and individuals to overcome their limiting beliefs, transform their mindset and reach their peak performance levels.

Olivier CarionSales Masters Guild

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How we achieve your success

Our Leadership Coaching Program

Delivered over group coaching modules & 1−2−1 strategy sessions



Building your team is labour-intensive 

Successful leaders develop self-awareness and personal introspection so that they can lead with authority and authenticity. They need to know what changes are needed to reach their growth capacity.



Foster a culture of Innovation and Collaboration

Successful leaders are able to motivate and inspire others to reach their goals. They know how to become innovative and work collaboratively for the good of their business and their team.



Maximise your Success as you Build your Team

Successful leaders know how to communicate and will avoid the inevitable pitfalls by keeping their team involved. They are able to lead with emotional intelligence.



Improve your communication and conflict Resolution Skills

Successful leaders realise that they could be held back by stress and overwhelm. They will look for ways to sustain energy in order to meet their long-term goals. They develop strategies to resolve conflict and build positive relationships and wellbeing.



Achieving your Dream and your Goals

Successful leaders cultivate a supportive and healthy work environment where there is accountability and mutual trust. People are empowered and valued to make their contribution. They are good listeners and they have a mindset of do what I do, rather than do what I say.



Procrastination is the Thief of Time

Successful leaders are motivational and inspirational. They learn how to create positive relationships. They consider their own emotions as well as the emotions of others. They are empathic but do not allow others to control their emotions.