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Now that the supervision/coaching has been completed can you tell me about your best learning and the support I provided.

My best learning experience has been applying the knowledge and skills required for my role as a Supervising Social Worker from the ongoing coaching I was given by Lynda throughout the whole process.

My role requires me to develop reflective practice not just within myself but to also help build the foster carers capacity to do the same in order to provide the best quality of care to looked after children. During our coaching sessions together focussing on each of the professional capability framework (PCF) domains reflection has been a key aspect where Lynda was able to allow me to not only discuss my cases but reflect on my practice in that area and consider how I could develop my practice going forward.

Thinking back to where you were when the supervision/coaching began what problems did you face?

I felt up until that point in time I had mainly participated in training which was geared towards foster carers which has been useful, however I felt I needed more in terms of Social Work practice.

Can you give specific examples of what I did to help you reach your goal what results did you see?

Lynda encouraged me to seek more learning and development opportunities in line with my career path. This helped motivate me to take ownership for my learning and development.

During my coaching sessions with Lynda, I often had a lot to say due to having interesting cases and was able to describe to Lynda what work and interventions I had carried out over the course of the month as a way of evidencing the approach I was taking in my work. Lynda challenged me to think more specifically about how I went about carrying out specific interventions and thinking critically about my cases whilst reflecting on my practice.

What specific solutions were you looking for?

At the start of the coaching I wanted to be able to enhance my Social Work skills, feel challenged and demonstrate my ability to carry out my role confidently.

What results have you seen?

I feel I have developed my Social Work skills and knowledge further following the coaching and guidance I have received from Lynda throughout the year long programme. I certainly feel more confident in fulfilling my role.

My supervisions with carers are more reflective now than when I started with Lynda. I have supported carers to be more reflective who in turn are enabling the children we are supporting to also reflect on their action which I feel is enhancing the quality of my interventions.

My expertise and Knowledge

Lynda has a vast knowledge of Social Work and Fostering practice and is also an experienced life Coach. Lynda’s blend of personal and professional qualities has had a positive impact on me to be able to enhance my practice whilst considering a better work and life balance and also focus on my health and fitness and family life.

My skills

Lynda has great coaching skills; she will allow you to express yourself and help you to consider options on your own through critical reflection on practice and developing your analytical skills to enhance your practice.

Lynda can work with learners of different levels as I have not only observed her practice in overseeing my work but also delivering training to foster carers such as skills to foster, Safeguarding, de-escalation, working with teenagers to name a few.

My ability to communicate effectively

Lynda is a great communicator and can work with learners of different levels and people that may not speak English as a first language. She makes her training and learning material easy enough to understand for learners of all levels. Her training sessions are engaging and get you to think and reflect on practice.

My ability to lead and influence

Lynda is a great mentor and has enabled me to reflect on my life. Though Lynda’s role with me has been on guiding my professional practice, I feel she has supported my development both personally and professionally over the last year to better consider all aspects of my life and to be able to carve out my own career path and consider my future goals.

My level of confidence in giving guidance

Lynda is confident in giving guidance when and where it is needed. Throughout the course of my work with Lynda, has been organised and ensured that we covered a range of professional topics. At the end of each session we reflected on whether the capability was met, and preparation required for our next session. I felt this always provided food for thought for our next session together which I always looked forward to.

Would you recommend me to others?

I would highly recommend Lynda Ince-Greenaway’s services as she has a vast amount of experience to be able to teach, guide and coach people to become the best version of themselves.

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