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When a thought or idea comes into your head it is formulated into a dream, in other words, the dream is something you want to happen if not immediately, then in the future.

But, to make a dream become a reality you have to work at it and spend time figuring out how you want your dream to materialise.

Wishing and hoping is simply not enough.

When I reflect on the past, I often wish that I had written my memoir a long time ago, but alas the time was gone and I could not turn back the clock.

I desperately wanted to write about my experiences, but it seemed that time eluded me that is, until one day, I finally made the decision that it was the best legacy I could leave behind.

I set to work and started to put some words on a sheet of paper, it was like scattered thoughts, but the more I lived up to my dream the more I was motivated to keep writing.

I constructed a plan and I set a deadline to achieve my goal.
I began to tell people about my dream, and this action made me accountable for doing what I said I would do, particularly as people would intermittently ask ‘so how is your book coming along?’

It was within eighteen months that I submitted my manuscript to the publishers.

I kept the vision in my head until it was published and the first copy landed on my doormat. 

My book is called ‘Hard Truth’ and it tells the story of how I became successful after I had suffered considerable adversity.

The opportunities that came to me allowed me to sharpen my saw as I developed my skills and abilities.

Setting up a business and leading other begins with a dream.

You will set out with good intentions and you will want to make a difference but unless you are motivated, develop the energy, know how to manage the process of leading others, know how to maintain high moral in your team and keep standards high your dream will never come to fruition and you will not become a successful leader.

You may make financial gain, but if people do not see you as a leader worth following, they will not walk in your footsteps and you will lose the opportunity to influence others.

If they perceive that you do not have the skills or the credibility to lead, they will be critical and criticism will lead to self-doubt and kill your dream.

The question is whether leaders are born or whether they develop the skills to lead. I want to suggest that both are true, but consider this, I was not born with the ability to write a book, or to lead. 

Yet, I have done both because I learnt how to do it through sheer self-will, determination and commitment. 

It was these principles that led me in the direction of achieving my dream. 

John Maxwell states that people will follow you because you are what you represent. 

That is your authentic self.


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