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What specific problems were the agency facing?

The agency is relatively new, and Lynda was instrumental in its inception writing all the initial policies and procedures including a statement of purpose and safeguarding measures.

She gave guidance on the initial Ofsted application and was able to support the development of the agency for over a year as it became operational.

The problems the agency faced was to enable it to receive an initial registration and be compliant with national standards and regulation and as Registered Manager Lynda was able to ensure standards were met and was able to monitor performance

What challenges did you have and how did Lynda help you to resolve those challenges?

The agency needed an experienced person to guide the company forward to meet statutory goals and to provide sound practice. Lynda helped to ensure that good child centred practice was developed from the beginning, including the quality assurance of initial visits, assessments of prospective carers, stage 1 and 2 processes.

Lynda is an experienced trainer and she was and is still responsible for staff training for all new prospective applicants, she was also the advisor to the fostering Panel and help set up the Panel.

These challenges were key to the agency’s reputation and standing and were acceptable to Ofsted

Lynda is skilled in many areas of knowledge and is an all rounder in terms of capability

What solutions were you looking for?

The agency was looking for a variety of solutions to processes across the range of fostering activities

What outcomes did you see?

The main outcome was an agency fit for purpose and with the right structural   processes to fulfil its duties. Lynda had an overview of the quality of work undertaken and of the safeguarding schedules required in reporting to the inspectorate

What specific results can you share?

  1. Good quality of assessments
  2. Sound appointment of social work staff
  3. Processes and procedures which were relevant and informative
  4. Overall regulatory framework
  5. High quality coaching, training and development

My expertise and Knowledge

Lynda has worked within Local authority and independent agencies. She has also worked successfully as a freelance trainer and counsellor for many years and has a vast experience of social work in a variety of settings

Lynda has a full knowledge of the theoretical practices of social work and an in-depth knowledge and understanding of legislation and childcare, across the broad range of work

Lynda has a good track record in delivering child centred and therapeutic counselling and life coaching and mentoring

She continues with the agency to offer a high standard of training at core, advanced and intermediate stages. This includes a large range of subjects and topics of which she has a great expertise.

My skills

  1. Mentoring
  2. Life coaching
  3. Therapeutic coaching
  4. Training at all levels
  5. Social work expertise

These skills have been fine-tuned and have been proven over many years

The feedback from Lynda’s work and training is always excellent and carers look forward to her sessions and respond positively

Lynda is mentoring carers where there are difficulties with attachment and positive parenting and the feedback from these sessions has been that it is really helpful and solution focussed

My ability to communicate effectively

My own experience of Lynda is that her communication is both clear and constructive. Lynda prepares well and has evidence to back her subject matter which is clear and understandable

The agency is fortunate to have such a competent person working in partnership with us.

Lynda can communicate well both verbally and in writing. she can structure her ideas and the information she passes has a clarity and an impact.

Lynda is a good listener and uses a range of communication styles. She communicates clearly and effectively and achieves the intended outcomes and objectives

Lynda is practical and not Jargon based.

My ability to lead and influence others

Lynda is good at maximising the performance and potential of individuals and groups and teams which helps to make individuals and the agency more effective.

Lynda is able to equip and enable others and has a skill in motivation and life coaching

Lynda will actively engage to develop individuals in a creative way. She is able to work effectively with people from different cultures, ethnicities, and religions.

With her coaching Lynda influences and understands what motivates them and can persuade carers or those she works with of the benefits of a course of action, using networks and other support systems

My level of confidence in giving guidance

Lynda sets and maintains the highest standards in her professional work and in ethical behaviour

She also engenders trust and respect.

Lynda has a confidence that enables others to feel at ease and she can challenge in a respectful manner and with sensitivity

Others comment regularly on Lynda’s confident and helpful personality

Would you recommend me to others?

I would recommend Lynda to others without hesitation.

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