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Martin Luther King rightly said that most people are born, they live and they die without making any significant difference in their lives or on the lives of others. 

This is because most people have a tendency to live in the past and this is where they get stuck. 

But it is not the past that determines how well we perform or how successful we are. 

People only become successful when they think in the present and use the time they have wisely. 

If a person is unable to set clear targets, identify goals and take steps that will lead them from one stage to another it will be impossible to accomplish their dreams and desires. 

Failure is certain when there is a lack of clarity and focus.

Many people think that multi-taking is an asset and, in some circumstances, where there are many tasks to get through in a working day, the ability to multi-task can be a life-saver. 

However, when there is a lack of focus a person can easily lose momentum and to get carried away by the many things that they see as pressing and urgent. 

The fact is that when we lose focus it is more difficult to get things done. 

I can make an analogy with the camera lens, the more focused and steadier the hand the better the picture will be. 

Focusing allows for better results. 

Not only will one’s personal productivity increase, but so will the productivity of your staff. 

Being focused will allow others to see your vision and the direction in which you are heading. 

I was asked to mentor a new member of staff. 

During one of our discussions, I asked him the following question. 

What qualities do you see in your manager that you would like to emulate? 

He struggled for a moment and then said, ‘he agrees to complete a task but he does not follow through, he does not like to be pinned down.’

Part of the process is knowing how to lead by example. 

This comes through self-development and the wish to make changes. 

In order to achieve change, it is necessary to change your mindset so that your capacity to think in terms of a successful outcome will be your main driver. 

What is required is the sense of moving towards the future rather looking back at the past. 

Here is an example. 

An eagle was in a pen with some ducklings and felt contented to remain there because it felt safe. 

However, it wasn’t until another eagle saw him on the ground and said what are you doing there? 

You have wings, you can fly, you have vision you can see from high above and especially above ducks. 

It was in that moment that the eagle extended his his wings and with all his might he soared into the sky.

To move forward, we have to take steps, but if we resist this action, it will inevitably lead to demotivation making it impossible to succeed. 

In order to make the leap, it is necessary to become highly motived and self-determining. 

This type of motivation is intrinsic and not extrinsic. Extrinsic motivation is when we do thing for the instant gratification it brings. 

On the other hand, to be intrinsically motivated is to see life from the inside out. 

It is to fire up your engine moving steadily towards your destination. 

Motivation must be inward and embedded in person’s phycological thinking and belief system to bring to fruition the things they want to get out of life. 

People only become motivated when they feel a real sense of passion and when they develop self-belief and confidence, which will in turn enable them to gain mastery over their thinking. 

Visualisation is a key tool for self-mastery. 

The visual faculty is amazing because it allows us to change any script we have been given replacing it with a script that matches our reality. 

People like delay, put off, procrastinate by saying I’ll do it tomorrow, or maybe I’ll get around to it, or similar to Jack’s manager I don’t want to be pinned down, or I haven’t got the time right now. 

The person who is living in the present will say, I’ll do it now. 

These are people who are action-oriented. 

They are people who are living in the present.

You will never know the result of your action but if you take no action there will be no result.

Mahatma Gandhi

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